Do You Really Need a Fitness Program?

This is an excellent question and the answer is – it depends. There is no right or wrong reason here.
There are a few factors to consider when deciding if you should get a fitness program. They’re perfect for some people and not ideal for others.

* What’s your fitness regimen like?
If you lead a very sedentary lifestyle, a fitness program (especially home workout videos) are ideal for you. Many workout programs such as Cize, Insanity Max, P90X, 21-Day Fix, etc. take guesswork out of the equation.
The workouts have been planned by experts to give you an all-rounded training experience. You’ll get a mix of resistance training and cardio. If you’re doing yoga-based workouts, they’ll take you from beginner to intermediate level gradually.
Very often, people who rarely exercise will not know how to structure a training program. These fitness programs are a good place to start. You just need to press the play button and follow along to the videos.

* Convenience
If you’re shy or feel intimidated to step into a gym where everyone looks like they’ve stepped out of Sparta, don’t lose hope just yet.
Getting a home workout program is just as effective for getting in shape. In fact, most people who go to a gym spend a few minutes training and waste a ton of time posing in front of the mirror or socializing.
With a home workout, you have no time to preen and pose. You’ll need to keep up with the instructor. This will keep you focused and your workouts will be more effective.
You’ll also save travel time because there’s no commute. You’re working out at home. It doesn’t get simpler than that… but simple doesn’t mean easy. Many of these home workouts are extremely challenging.

* What are your goals?
If you’re already lean and you wish to pack on the muscle, then you’ll need heavier weights and the gym is where you need to be. Most fitness programs are great for conditioning and gaining some lean muscle.
But to really get bulky and develop the body of a bodybuilder, you’ll need much heavier weights and also equipment to do cable rows, lat pulldowns, etc. So, your goals will determine if you should get/join a fitness program.

* Budget
For some people who are on a tight budget, fitness programs that come in DVD or streaming are much cheaper than a gym membership. This is a factor too.
Home workout videos are a one-time investment that several members in your family can use. If you have a few friends who wish to join in, you could do a group session and it wouldn’t cost a cent.
The same can’t be said for the gym where everyone will need their own membership.
These are just a few of the factors you should consider when deciding if you need a fitness program. If you’re a beginner or you’ve not exercised in years, you should definitely sign up for a home-exercise fitness site like Beachbody or Alo Moves.
There are a variety of exercise programs you can choose from. Each program ranges from about 60 to 90 days… and that’s enough time to get in good shape.

If you’re consistent and follow the home workouts assiduously, you’ll see excellent progress and chisel a toned body that turns heads. Start on a fitness program today and watch your body transform in 90 days. You’ll never look back.