What You Can Expect with the Beachbody Workout Programs?

Healthfitnesstricks.com has been the MOST popular online fitness website when it comes to home workouts and fitness programs that one can do at home. It was founded in 1998 and is still as popular today.

One of the biggest selling points of the Beachbody programs is the effectiveness of the workouts. There are thousands of success stories from people who have completed the P90X, Insanity Max, Slim In 6, Hip Hop Abs and so on.
The programs on the Beachbody site work, if you work them. A lot of thought goes into creating these high-energy fitness routines. There’s something for everybody here.
Insanity Max is a full-body workout that requires no equipment. Most people who are new to it struggle to even get to the 3-minute mark – and this is just the warm up! Don’t let that discourage you.

There is always someone in the group doing ‘modifier’ moves to help those who are new to exercising. Beginners will be able to do the modifiers until they gain stamina and strength which will help them keep up with the harder moves.
P90X uses basic equipment and is slower paced than Insanity, but it’s better if you’re looking to sculpt your body and build muscle. While Insanity Max is 60 days long, P90X is 90 days long. So, you’ll be on it for an extra month and will see even more positive results.
For those who love yoga and Pilates, the PiYo workout by Charlene Johnson will not only sculpt your muscles while improving your flexibility, but the workouts will increase your strength and stamina too.

Unlike Insanity Max or CIZE, PiYo is low impact and ideal for people with bad knees and other joint issues. Do remember to speak to your doctor before embarking on any fitness program.
For people who love workouts that don’t feel like workouts, there are several dance-based workouts in the Beachbody membership. Country Heat by Autumn Calabrese is one of those programs. So are CIZE and Hip Hop Abs.

Once again, you’ll need to watch a few of these workouts to see which ones you love. The good news is that for about a hundred dollars, you’ll have access to close to 90 different fitness programs with hundreds of workout videos you can choose from.
You can choose to join for 3 months… or 6 months or a year. You get the most cost savings for signing up for the yearly plan which is less than 10 dollars a month, and probably one of the best investments in your health you could make.

The variety of programs available will mean that there are workouts that will help you increase your stamina, torch your fat and/or help you to shred and build muscle. You have enough choices to try a different workout daily and become an all-rounded athlete.
The programs also come with meal plans and recipes – and a fitness calendar. These are excellent for keeping you on track. There’s also an active online community that comes with the membership so that you can interact and get tips from others who are enjoying the same program as you.

Beachbody, unfortunately, is only available in these countries:
* USA (including its territories, Puerto Rico, and verified APO and FPO military addresses for US service members).
* Canada.
* United Kingdom (including England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and the Crown Dependencies of Guernsey, Jersey, and the Isle of Man).

If you live in a country that’s not listed above, you may choose to look for Beachbody DVDs on eBay. However, these days, most of the newer workouts are streamed. So, you’ll probably only be able to get the older ones like P90X or Insanity.

To conclude, the Beachbody membership is a wonderful investment that will pay dividends many times over, if you follow through with the workouts.
The trainers are charismatic, fun and know what they’re doing – and the workouts are challenging and highly effective.

You can’t ask for more in a fitness membership.