Will a Fitness Program Make You Go from Zero to Hero Sensibly?

You’ve seen the home workout DVDs and infomercials. You’ve seen the people with chiselled bodies and bronzed physiques jumping away to a Cize or Insanity Max workout.
And you wonder…

You wonder if you’ll ever be able to get a body like them. Will following Jillian Michaels’ workout give you a body like hers?
What about Shaun T? Will doing Insanity Max give you muscular arms like his?
The answer is probably a no… and there’s a good reason why.
It’s their bodies, NOT yours.

Your goal should be to build the best possible body you can. Give yourself some credit. Most fitness programs are created for two reasons – to make money and to help people transform their lives.
Going from zero to hero with a fitness program is a debatable topic because of the sheer number of factors involved. If you’re in your fifties, a 90-day P90X program will not yield you as favorable results as it would for someone in their thirties.

You’ll need more time to heal and your body may have existing conditions like joint pain, etc. So, you’ll be coping and moving at a slower pace.
A 30-year old person may be able to go from zero to hero in 90 days. You might need 120 or even 150 days. That might mean being on the program longer.
The same applies to someone overweight. If you have 20 excess pounds, a 60-day Insanity Max workout may leave you toned and ripped.
However, someone who is 70 pounds overweight may end up being 30 pounds overweight once the 60-day program is over.
By all accounts, he has lost weight and it’s a massive success – BUT he’s not a hero yet if he’s hoping to be toned and ripped. In this case, he may feel like the fitness program failed him.
In reality, the expectations were unreasonable and the time frame was too short for it to be sensible.
In cases like these, since he lost 30 pounds over the 60 days, once the Insanity Max program is completed, he may wish to start on P90X or another program.
This will challenge the body in a new way and keep him on track to losing the remaining 40 pounds. It may take him 6 to 9 months to go from zero to hero… and it’s definitely not an overnight journey, but it’s a possible one.

Fitness programs can take you from an overweight, unfit individual to a toned and ripped picture of fitness. But you must give them time to work. The program may be 60 days long, but you may need 180 days to get to where you want to be.

Giving yourself the time to succeed is what matters. Do not fault the program if your expectations are unreasonable.
That said, an important point to note is that many of these fitness programs such as P90X and others are conducted by people who spend a lot of their time exercising and in the gym.
Shaun T definitely did NOT build his muscles with Insanity Max. He would have spent hundreds of hours at the gym lifting weights and ensuring his nutrition was on point.
The Insanity Max workout itself is fantastic for firing your metabolism and toning your body, but you’ll need weight training to get Shaun’s muscles. This applies to most other fitness trainers you see on videos.

Their programs work, but they’re doing other things to look the way they do too. So, use their programs to lower your weight and increase your strength and stamina.
Once that’s achieved, you may engage in resistance training to sculpt the body you want, or go on a yoga program to increase your flexibility to reach the level that you see with the trainers.
Going from zero to hero or heroine is possible with time and the right strategy. All the workout videos on the market are just effective weapons. How you wield them in the battle against the bulge will determine if you come out victorious or not.

It’s ALL on you, always. You have the power. Remember that.